The Steal

I’m making a rare weeknight entry partially because I got home from work at a reasonable time, and partially because I can’t believe what I’m hearing.

On Sunday, with the Orioles leading the Yankees by a score of 10-4, Corey Patterson stole second, and then third. Larry Bowa yelled something to him about playing the game correctly.  Corey had violated part of the “Unwritten Law” that says you don’t steal with a big lead.  It’s now Tuesday, and ESPN is still talking about it.

Hello out there – this was against the New York Yankees!!!!! They had just scored 4 runs in the top of the 7th! This is the same New York Yankees that scored 7 runs the next night in the second inning against Josh Beckett!  The Oriole’s bullpen isn’t exactly Josh Beckett.  Their ERA is about 40.00. Six runs, with 2 Yankee at bats to go, is not a big lead.  I was paying careful attention, and I didn’t see Joe Torre waving a while flag.

Maybe we should have more parts to the Unwritten Law.  How about adding to page 2, paragraph 4, section 5 – “No breaking balls with a big lead”? How about putting on page 12 – “No diving for catches if your team has more than a 5 run lead.”?  Or maybe – “If you team is ahead by 6 runs, you must strike out until they catch up.”

OK – those may be a little extreme, but shouldn’t we at least ban the changeup?


One comment

  1. dave

    Larry bowa was out of order, plain and simple. I’m pig-sure the Yankees would do the same in a similar situation..

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