Where To Start?

It seems like the only one you see on the field everyday is Richie Bancells.  He is the Oriole’s Trainer.

Roberts – DL

Newhan – DL

Javy Lopez – DL

Matos – DL (back as of yesterday)

Millar – Day to Day (but back now)

Tejada – Relegated to DH, but should really be sitting.

In a single inning last Saturday, Sam Perlozzo made 7 substitutions, most due to injury.  You know it looks bad when the infield is:

3rd – Backup Outfielder (Conine)

SS – Utility Infielder (Gomez)

2nd – Your 3rd baseman (Mora)

1st – Your starting catcher (Hernandez)

And then on Sunday – “Starting at Shortstop, substituting for your All-Star, MVP of last year’s All Star Game, former AL MVP, League leading hitter Miguel Tejada, is Brandon Fahey.  I may have been the only person in the stadium who knew who he was.  If you have read my Blog before, you already know that I am a Fahey fan, but last September I saw him playing for the Bowie Baysoxs in AA.  At one point in Sunday’s game, there were 3 players who I watched 8 months ago in Bowie.  At least the tickets are cheaper there, and parking is free.

The bad news is that the Os lost, and even though Fahey went 2 for 4 and made an amazing defensive play, the highlight that made it to ESPN was his strikeout in the 9th.

The good news was that it was a great day for a ballgame, and because my family was in  Florida, I had the chance to go to the game with 2 good friends.

From where I sit, the good was far better than the bad.



  1. Daryl

    I’m watching the game, and I think you were just on ESPN. There was some guy jumping off of the upper deck after Ortiz just hit a home run in the first.
    Every once in a while, I flick over to the Os game, but it’s pretty painful to watch.

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