Today’s Great News

I have tried to keep this Blog focused on baseball.  I know it’s the first day of the NFL Draft, the NBA playoffs are going on, and the Os could actually be in first in the AL East by the end of the day, but, but as far as I’m concerned, the most exciting  thing that happened today doesn’t involve professional sports.

The Arundel High School Music Department has been crowned Overall Grand Champions of the Festival Music Competition in Orlando, Florida.  Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Guard, the Percussion Ensemble, and two choral groups all won Grand Championships in their events.  They were the Grand Champions in every event that they entered.

None of these kids will be getting $25 Million signing bonuses.  You won’t see their faces on ESPN.  You won’t even see an article in the Baltimore newspaper, but nobody works harder than these kids.  The Marching Band and Guard start working in mid-summer, in the heat and humidity of Maryland, with 8 hour a day practices.  After school starts, they practice 3 hours a night as a group.  This doesn’t count the time each one of them spends at home practicing their individual instruments.

My youngest daughter is a member of several of the AHS bands, and I couldn’t be prouder.



  1. Kellia

    I know this is tardy, but Congrats to your daughter. I know she worked very hard. Also congrats to you for all the Daddy Duty (and to Ginger for all the Mommy duty) you both put in to help her with this.


  2. dave

    Hey big D.. Only getting round to my FAV sites now..(work getting in the way.. haha)

    Nice one with the youngster..

    Big up there…

    Hoping soon to get a possee toghther and visit the Yard during the season.. Maybe meet for a soda or dog.. (not allowed drink, docs orders)

    Take it handy mate

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